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Graphis Annual

From time to time I get on kicks where I buy old design, type, etc. books on eBay. A recent haul included this collection of Graphis Annuals from the 1950s & 1960s. 😍 Read note

Hello, Colfax

On a whim, I decided to switch from my typical serif blog type to Colfax, a lovely typeface designed by Process Type Foundry. I’d been using it for site navigational elements and was thrilled to see... Read note

BEST Store Architecture

Able Parris recently tweeted about the BEST store logo & architecture, linking to this post at These buildings seem like the pinnacle of large showroom type store design. I especially like the one with the... Read note

CSS Columns

I frequently use CSS multi-column layout (i.e. column-count: 3) for basic list items limited to words or phrases (like my search page tags list), but I’ve always struggled to make the property work with more complex... Read note


I recently discovered a new action game called Glitchskier by Shelly Alon. In case you aren’t aware, flying a triforce(ish) starship through what reminds me of the Stranger Things intro (music and all) blowing up Tron-like... Read note

Viewport Padding

I was inspecting Ethan’s site the other day (as totally normal and well-adjusted people do) and realized he was using one of my favorite tricks where viewport units were combined with em units via calc() for... Read note

Alamo Drafthouse Pre-roll

I love Alamo Drafthouse—It’s a big part of what makes Austin home for me, and part of my monthly (sometimes weekly) routine. The recently-updated announcement videos they run during pre-roll are fantastic. They’re extremely well done... Read note

Day of the Tentacle

Over the weekend I rediscovered Day of the Tentacle, triggering the biggest nostalgia jolt I’ve experienced in quite some time. I vividly remember playing the game on one of my first PCs in 1993. The illustration... Read note

Hello, Jekyll

I’ve logged quite a lot of hours battling databases, plugins, and a GUI editor to write (and occasionally design) blog posts. Wordpress has served me well, but to simplify the process I’ve ported my blog to... Read note

The Marvel Symphonic Universe

First off, every Every Frame a Painting video is worth your time, but the latest one about the state of cinematic music composition is extra fascinating. I found lots of parallels for any industry that can... Read note

Presentable Episode 7

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Jeff Veen’s new podcast, Presentable. In the latest episode (#7) with Stanley Wood the two discuss how style guides, process, and org structure fit together. One bit in particular that stood out... Read note

Stranger Things

Let’s just take a minute to bask in how cool everything associated with Stranger Things is. The synth tones of the opening credits and the appropriately evocative use of ITC Benguiat and ITC Avant Garde Gothic... Read note

Paravel was thrilled to collaborate with Etsy and to create—a fun little photo-generating web app that Etsy shop owners can use in their holiday promotions. Read note


Happy 8-Bit Day! To celebrate, the team at Microsoft has built a clever little easter egg into the homepage—visit and enter in the Konami Code to reveal some 8-bit glory. It’s great to see Microsoft... Read note

NASA Graphics Standard Manual

I’m a happy backer of the Kickstarter project to reissue the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual. Recently, Nasa released a PDF of the manual online. It’s great and it only makes me want the printed version... Read note

Mr. Robot

I’ve been enjoying Mr. Robot this Summer—It starts with one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen. One small detail that’s stood out for me are the title shots. The music, framing, and oversized logo are... Read note

Fast Track to Sass

Steve Drucker from Fig Leaf Software recently published Fast Track to Sass. The book uses my CSS Zen Garden Apothecary Theme as the example site—transitioning it from CSS to Sass. Thanks, Steve! Read note

New TW Mark

I recently set out to refresh my site (more on that later). Along with new type choices and layout tweaks, I wanted to update the TW mark that Reagan designed for me back in 2010. We... Read note


Fontstand is a new service + Mac OS X app that introduces a new way to license desktop fonts. Even though 99% of my work is web-based, Fontstand immediately appeals to me. Read note


I’ll be leading a workshop (for WRKSHOP) on responsive layouts & prototypes in Austin this April 4th. I didn’t feel confident as a web designer until I got comfortable with CSS layouts, so that’s exactly what... Read note

MSHP 1994

This spring Microsoft’s Chris Balt asked Paravel to recreate the first version of the Microsoft homepage, originally built in 1994. We initially thought about ‘modernizing’ the page with media queries and other current HTML & CSS,... Read note

CSS Zen Garden #221

There’s a lot to love about Andrew Lohman’s CSS Zen Garden #221 theme, Mid-Century Modern. In addition to the type, color palette, and imagery, I am particularly fond of the layout itself. Each section flows nicely... Read note

Optimizing Images

Friends don’t let friends load 300kb PNG images on their websites no matter how cool the transparent photo of a happy customer waving over a gradient background looks. That said, when raster graphics are required, one... Read note

Human Interest

Progressive enhancement has proven to be such a great strategy for the technical side of the web that I think we should take a similar approach for its personal side as well. Read article

I Won It Once

After watching Bones Brigade this weekend I decided to learn more about Rodney Mullen. I particularly enjoyed this excerpt from his TED talk about competing and winning early on in his freestyle skating career: Read note

Country Fair Covers

A couple of years ago I came across this lovely mishmash of a website called fulltable. I’ll go there when I’ve got spare time and dig around the index of links until I find something interesting.... Read note

Site Updates

I finally updated the site with a handful of changes I’ve been fiddling with over the past few months. It’s one of those complete overhauls that really don’t look much different at a glance, but it... Read note

Fluid Type

Embracing the fluid & flexible aspect of responsive web design was an easy decision, but I’ve been less sure-footed when it comes to balancing that with setting type on the web. Read article

Reagan Ray’s Shop

Grab your wallets! Reagan just opened up the shop section of his website. He’s been designing & screen printing posters this spring, and two are available for purchase now. I’ve got both, but have to admit... Read note

Automotive Inspiration

This weekend I got carried away browsing The Old Car Manual Project yet again. Here are some of my favorite finds. Oh, and I got that Chrysler advert from It’s worth a few minutes of... Read note

Offscreen Magazine

Issue #1 of Offscreen Magazine just landed here at the office. Kai Brach has done a fantastic job assembling all the interviews, essays, and profiles. I wish all magazines looked like this. Subscriptions (and one-off purchases)... Read note

United Pixelworkers + Paravel

Our pals at United Pixelworkers asked us to design a t-shirt to accompany the launch of their lovely new responsive site. Reagan came up with this design inspired by old union logos, and kindly let me... Read note


“I want ____ to be as simple as my iPod/iPhone.” I’ve said this about lots of things: my car’s dashboard, my washer & dryer, and yes, my thermostat. Meet Nest, a learning thermostat launched by a... Read note

The New Adventures Paper

I met Simon Collison back in October at Brooklyn Beta. Shortly after, I got an email from him asking if I’d be interested in contributing to the newspaper he was having printed for attendees of the... Read note

The Old Car Manual Project

I love old cars- especially all the badges, manuals, and logos that came along with them. I’ve even taken to recreating an old Ford logo & Shelby Mustang badge a few weeks back. Recently, while clicking... Read note

I’ve always been impressed by how generous Reagan is with his time and talent. Over the past few months, he’s helped Dave and me beef up our own identities and personal projects, leaving his own site on... Read note

Inception Movie Poster

After really enjoying Inception over the weekend, I thought I’d make a graphic featuring 3 of the totems that the main characters carry around to keep track of whether or not they’re dreaming. My initial Dribbble... Read note

Unmatched Style

I’ve been meaning to post a quick thank you to Gene Crawford and the rest of the fellas at for a while. They recently had me on one of their designer chat sessions to talk... Read note

Quoting Lebowski Vol. 2

If building a multi-million dollar social media site was easy, I’d be typing this from the deck of my anti-matter powered yacht… in orbit. Just about everyone I know in the web design & development game... Read note

Quoting Lebowski

A pet peeve of mine is seeing blog comments or tweets neigh-saying innovative strides in web development. I see the issue of cross-browser compatibility to be completely separate from forward thinking experimentation. This is about progress,... Read note

CSS Three & Me

The greatest feeling for me as a kid was looking into a mixed box of Legos After prying open the stuck-on lid to see where imagination could go: A green army base with a red laser... Read article