Site Updates

I finally updated the site with a handful of changes I’ve been fiddling with over the past few months. It’s one of those complete overhauls that really don’t look much different at a glance, but it feels good to keep things current and in line with my own sensibilities. To mark the occasion, here’s a non-comprehensive list of what and why:

Centered Layout

A I opted for a single, centered column of text on most pages. The more I use tablets and phones, the more that left-hand margin reserved for meta data bothered me. Things felt unbalanced while reading. Plus, I think I’m going to enjoy having the extra space so that media can extend full-width from time to time.


The max-width of the site container has been increased to 1360px. I increase font-size and column-count for screens greater than 1200px × 500px and 1650px × 800px.


At wider views, I stashed an easy-access pagination nav in the margins. I’ve noticed that Chrome has similar arrows appear on left & right swipe. Initially, I was hesitant to keep them because of that, but I found them so useful during buildout that they’re going to stay.

Proportional Grid

I simplified the grid. For posts, content within is centered and the width is governed to maintain good measure. I’ve also got a quick & easy proportional grid in place to split things into halves or thirds with ample 5% margins.

Improved Icon Font Usage

I updated my icon font and implementation to use unicode characters.

Page Updates

Info, Search, and the 404 page (complete with GIFs) each got overhauls.