Im a designer & web builder who works with my friends at Paravel.

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  • Paravel website

    We recently updated with a services section that includes pages about design systems and prototypes. Read more about it here.

  • day trip

    Near and dear to our hearts, DayTrip is a Paravel project designed to make it easy to find something great to do and someplace great to go. Austin/Texas area private beta out now.

  • The Many Faces Of

    We recently published two new TMFO posts. One for Burt Reynolds, and another one called Punch Dancing.

  • Device Agnostic Post

    Device Agnostic summarizes how I view and approach building for the web. My perception has been shaped while working on responsive, component-based systems on a large-ish scale.

  • CSS Zen Garden

    I was thrilled that Typekit and Dave Shea asked me to contribute a theme to CSS Zen Garden to celebrate its recent responsive update. Read about the process here and here.

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