Quoting Lebowski

Lebowski QuoteA pet peeve of mine is seeing blog comments or tweets neigh-saying innovative strides in web development. I see the issue of cross-browser compatibility to be completely separate from forward thinking experimentation. This is about progress, which is essential to our industry. It’s like saying, “Those compact discs sound amazing, but they won’t fit in my tape deck.” As a cathartic design exercise, I made a cute little graphic illustrating my feelings on the subject. This may actually spark an entire series wherein I address common web gripes with movie quotes. In this case, I’ve used the words of The Dude from The Big Lebowski to sum up the whole durned thing.

Please don’t take it too seriously, and please do pardon the foul language. Remember, this isn’t about people who use Internet Explorer 6. It is about those who hinder progress by focusing on current or past conventions.

Feel free to download the desktop wallpaper if you happen to enjoy it.

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