The greatest feeling for me as a kid was looking into a mixed box of Legos After prying open the stuck-on lid to see where imagination could go: A green army base with a red laser beam or a medieval castle for my stealth RE-CON team? A similar thrill just came back to me when I was introduced to CSS Three.

With color creation through RGBA there’s zero wait time, so it’s cake to create A semi-transparent box overlay for all (save those who browse out of date.) Give your words depth w/ a simple text shadow. Offset said shade for a look that says Bad yo. Fuzzy it up with a blur set to two, and finish it off by adjusting the hue.

Other features can enhance your display: Transition’s a cinch to help animate. Set the duration any which way Per millisecond or more—you pick the rate. Border radius rounds the corners, you know. No more slicing or exports or coding, no, no. Just set it and go. It’s simple to do. Choose X number pixels, and voila! You’re through.

To get the best cross-browser compatibility, cross check the function of each technique, And you’ll be sure to avoid utter futility, like Internet Explorer 6, whose non-subscription is weak. Safari & Chrome stay industry leaders; our webkit-based browsers remain code mind-readers. The best part of all is designers save face. Use CSS Three. Let sites degrade with grace.