Take Pride In Your Craft

Hammering out fenders and getting door seams to line up is labor-intensive, but it’s amazing what can be done with a tube of bondo, sand paper, elbow grease and a little patience.

Learn from failure

You’ll rarely get something right on your first try. Don’t get discouraged. Trial and error is what experts are made of.


Be Confident

Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions and chart out your own path. If you spend your time on the race track keeping an eye on everyone else, you’ll find yourself at the back of the pack.

Make Friends

Be generous. Offer help and advice. When others do well, compliment them. The camaraderie very well may be the most valuable thing you get back for all the time you put in.


Hobbies can keep you sane

Everyone needs an outlet. When life throws you a curve ball focus your energy on something productive. Working on a project you have control over can be extremely therapeutic, even if it’s something small.

Recognize Quality

A car may be faster & more advanced than a 60’s era mustang, but no amount of after market trickery will ever eclipse what happens when good design, materials and functionality come together.

Do It For The Love

It isn’t really all about the race or a finished, polished restoration. There is a lot to be said for the blood, sweat & tears put in along the way.