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Third-Party Scripts

As a web designer and builder, the list of things I’ve felt responsible for on the execution side of the process (once research, writing, planning, etc. reaches a point) has expanded over the years. Each new... Read note

2017 Review

Paravel Dave, Reagan, and I celebrated our 10th official year as Paravel. In addition to some shorter-term projects (1, 2), we undertook a large-scale pattern library and front-end update that is rolling out in phases this... Read note

Ten Years

Paravel is ten years old! In 2007 we’d just filed the LLC and started the first web project substantial enough to delude us into believing that Paravel could be a long-term endeavor. Read note

Blade Runner

Blade Runner 2049 opens today. I’m headed to Alamo Drafthouse! Here’s a bunch of stuff you can watch/look at to psych yourself up: Read note

Nolan Bushnell on Entitlement

I’ve been listening to the NPR podcast How I Built This recently. The episode with Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, is my favorite so far. The entire episode is fascinating, but... Read note


Letterboxd is easily one of my favorite sites. I started logging movies in 2013, and began using it to find movies to watch shortly after. The community is great, and its reviews rarely (or never) reach... Read note


Happy 8-Bit Day! To celebrate, the team at Microsoft has built a clever little easter egg into the homepage—visit and enter in the Konami Code to reveal some 8-bit glory. It’s great to see Microsoft... Read note

Formula 1, Take My Money

I’m a major Formula 1 fan. I have Seat Licenses for the USGP at COTA, I listen to F1 podcasts (even in the off season), and my weekends revolve around practices, qualifying & races. But I... Read note

Jenn Schiffer on Accessibility

It’s 2014 and we continue to build a Web for what we consider to be the group most worthy of access: able-bodied, good-sight-and-hearing-having people, in a class that can afford high-bandwidth and memory for large asset... Read note

Scroll Hijacking

Sites like Milwaukee Police News and Apple’s recent string of product 1-pagers are beautiful, but hijacking a user’s scroll rate for marketing purposes has to be one of my least favorite things in web design these... Read note

Bond Movie Ranking

Earlier this Spring I watched every James Bond movie, including the off-grid Never Say Never Again, and the Everything or Nothing documentary. Most (if not all) of the Bond movies cycle in and out of availability... Read note

Human Interest

Progressive enhancement has proven to be such a great strategy for the technical side of the web that I think we should take a similar approach for its personal side as well. Read article

Parallax Scrolling on the Web

While I’ve built one or two myself, I think parallax scrolling websites can, at times, be excessive. In the rare occasion where the effect is an appropriate fit, it can add a nice touch of natural... Read note

Beyond Device Testing

I had always looked at device testing as a straightforward pass/fail endeavor where websites either look and behave as expected or not. I would interact with whichever device—smartphone, tablet, or in-between—only for as long as it... Read note

Get Help With Hosting

Over the past few months we’ve been having problems with the Media Temple DV server that hosts sites like this blog, ShopTalk, and Paravel. With each new post or show, we’d inevitably experience a wave of... Read note

Jiro, Sushi & Web Type

One of my favorite documentaries is Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which tells the story of 85 year-old sushi master, Jiro Ono, who has spent his life honing his craft at a 10-seat restaurant in a Japanese... Read article


If I could add a superpower to my web design skill-set, it wouldn’t be perma-inspiration or psychokinetic coding, but the ability to Vulcan mind meld clients. Read article

MaKey MaKey

I haven’t been this excited about a Kickstarter project in months. As we spend more and more time on touch interfaces, it’s refreshing to see something that turns just about any physical object into a button.... Read note

Ideas of March 2012

Paravel got really busy from November thru January. I spent the majority of my time with my head down, focused on client work, deadlines, basecamp, and email. We were a part of some fun projects, but... Read note

The Manual

Yesterday Issue #2 of The Manual arrived. I cracked it open to read just one article before bed and wound up reading the entire thing straight through. I really do love that this publication exists. Sure,... Read note

Neve Inspired

I love what the power of the Internet can do for small businesses, especially when those businesses belong to friends and industry cohorts. Bob & Kris Galmarini run a fantastic shop called Neve Inspired that sells... Read note

Brooklyn Beta 2011

I wish there were more conferences like Brooklyn Beta, or more accurately, I wish there were more conference organizers like Cameron Koczon and Chris Shiflett. I’d like to think I know how to be kind and... Read note


Recently, my 27” iMac went out of commission for a day, and I had to rely solely on a 13” Macbook Air. It forced me to focus and had me second guessing how I work on... Read article

The Last Rocket

Lately, I’ve been winding down the day with my favorite new iPhone/iPad game: The Last Rocket by Shaun Inman. I’m no video game expert, but the 8-bit graphics, soundtrack, and maniacal rage I feel when failing... Read note

Ideas of March

Places on the web for sharing content and ideas often remind me of real life interactions. Facebook is the everlasting high school reunion. Twitter, which I love, is maybe half cocktail party, half party-line. Flickr &... Read note

Unmatched Style

I’ve been meaning to post a quick thank you to Gene Crawford and the rest of the fellas at for a while. They recently had me on one of their designer chat sessions to talk... Read note

Quoting Lebowski Vol. 2

If building a multi-million dollar social media site was easy, I’d be typing this from the deck of my anti-matter powered yacht… in orbit. Just about everyone I know in the web design & development game... Read note

Quoting Lebowski

A pet peeve of mine is seeing blog comments or tweets neigh-saying innovative strides in web development. I see the issue of cross-browser compatibility to be completely separate from forward thinking experimentation. This is about progress,... Read note