Ideas of March 2012

Paravel got really busy from November thru January. I spent the majority of my time with my head down, focused on client work, deadlines, basecamp, and email. We were a part of some fun projects, but when it came time for me to speak at New Adventures this year I realized I was a little used-up. I felt disconnected from my identity as a web designer because I wasn’t experimenting or blogging much, both of which are core to my work and where I especially find value. Fortunately, my talk & workshop preparation afforded me ample time in the lab to gain back that sense of wonder and enthusiasm I like to carry with me when sharing with my peers. There are always going to be times when work gets busy and we have less time to inventory our thoughts and ideas. The trick is resolving to get back into it when time becomes available.

This post is my small way of participating in Ideas of March.