Formula 1, Take My Money

I’m a major Formula 1 fan. I have Seat Licenses for the USGP at COTA, I listen to F1 podcasts (even in the off season), and my weekends revolve around practices, qualifying & races. But I have a gripe: it’s nigh on impossible to get F1 content. There’s no way to learn about F1 history by watching old seasons. If one’s DVR misses a race (outage, rain delay, etc.) one is out of luck.


This happened with the 2015 Monaco GP. I avoided spoilers all day and sat down to turn the TV on only to find the recording was incomplete due to an outage. I found myself in a position where I’d pay an (un)fair price because all I wanted to do was watch the race. I searched the Internet, credit card in hand, looking for a place to watch with no luck. All this is very similar to Matthew Inman’s experience with Game of Thrones


Formula 1 currently has strategy groups dedicated to expanding the sport as well as the brand. In my opinion, a lot of what they come up with is gimmicky when they already have what they need: great content.

I want (read: will pay for)…
  • A way to watch practices, qualifying, races wherever and whenever I want
  • In-Depth coverage that isn’t limited by networks or broadcasting licensing
  • Access to older seasons so I can binge watch

With this type of content availability, they’d gain fans for life. F1 can have the sparkiest skid plates, the loudest engines, and the most immersive1 website, but if I can’t consume F1 content, how can I be fan? Please, F1, make this stuff readily available. These words from Karen McGrane ring true:

It is your mission to get your content out, on whichever platform, in whichever format your audience wants to consume it. Your users get to decide how, when, and where they want to read your content. It is your challenge and your responsibility to deliver a good experience to them.

P.S. F1, let us know if you’d like help2.

  1. I’d trade big marketing-y graphics, animations, and abstract UI for better content any day 
  2. Shameless, I know, but we all have dream jobs :)