2017 Review


Dave, Reagan, and I celebrated our 10th official year as Paravel. In addition to some shorter-term projects (1, 2), we undertook a large-scale pattern library and front-end update that is rolling out in phases this year. We’ve also enjoyed bringing in 6+ collaborators/teams to assist with projects when the need has arisen. I bet we do more of this in 2018—collaborating with friends has been fun.

10 Years With Paravel

Web Work

I spent a lot of time prototyping in Jekyll, and just as much on Codepen. Most new projects start there as private pens or projects—the quick start nature of the tool makes it my favorite.

I didn’t speak this year, but I’ve got two talks scheduled for 2018 on a totally new (to me) topic. I’ve been working hard on research and preparation and feel passionate about this new lane. I’ll be blogging more about this in the coming months.


Two weeks spent driving around New Mexico and El Paso this summer was the highlight of my year. Thanks to my team/clients at work it was the most “away” I’ve ever felt—and came back renewed. I love New Mexico. The boys are growing up fast, and Bon and I try to capitalize on every opportunity to spend quality time with them.

New Mexico Trip
New Mexico Trip
New Mexico Trip
New Mexico Trip

Podcasts: I got hooked on How I Built This, and continue to enjoy Freakonomics.

Music: My most repeated song has to be Out Here by Girls Who Care. Also, This Mr. Robot soundtrack playlist brought me a significant amount of joy.


I watch a lot of movies. I log them at Letterboxd. Some favorites: boxd.it/11udQ. I’m (still) bothered by the white male dominance in my year in review, so I’m going to be seeking out more diversity in films—especially directors.

2017 Letterboxd Directors

Shoutout to Drafthouse. I’ve visited 26+ times this year and had a burger/milkshake every single time (even at 10 am).


My favorite ATX restaurant is Dai Due. Fried chicken nights, A+ empanadas (that honestly remind me of southwestern egg rolls with dipping sauce in the best possible way), and wagyu beef burgers make meals with the family that much better.

Dai Due
Dai Due

I also got a Vitamix—my go-to smoothie consists of banana, blueberries, spinach, almond milk, water, hemp hearts, hemp protein, and whatever else is lying around. It looks like cement but tastes like heaven.


A lower back injury late in the year made October suck, but it facilitated a realignment of sorts—a renewed focus on bodyweight exercises + calisthenics. I’m no expert, but I feel like it’s the smart longevity play.


I’m in the middle of A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. It’s outside of my typical reading interests, but I was curious after seeing Jason Fried tweet about it. So far, so good.

  • Got a couple more tattoos—this trend may continue
  • Am trying sublingual allergy drops to cedar/juniper allergies
  • Bought a Switch & played the hell out of Breath of the Wild
  • Got into Adidas (ultra)boost—It’s like walking on a marshmallow cloud in the future
  • #Betofortexas
  • “Learned” to surf at NLand & look forward to surfing IRL