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Paravel V3.5

We updated! I actually have no idea what version it is (are we counting the flash one I did in 2000?), but rather than trying to overhaul the entire site, we opted to make some... Read note

Ten Years

Paravel is ten years old! In 2007 we’d just filed the LLC and started the first web project substantial enough to delude us into believing that Paravel could be a long-term endeavor. Read note

Paravel was thrilled to collaborate with Etsy and to create—a fun little photo-generating web app that Etsy shop owners can use in their holiday promotions. Read note

Mad Max: Fury Road First Draft

I loved Mad Max: Fury Road, and found this 1999 first draft from George Miller (via @mccrabb_will) to line up with the final product fairly closely. Seeing this graphic also reminded me that my favorite Fury... Read note

Thank You, Texas State

Dave, Reagan, and I had a great time speaking at Texas State University yesterday. It was a privilege to see the School of Art & Design first hand and hear about their approach to teaching for... Read note

Texas State Lecture

On Wednesday, November 7 at 7:00pm Dave, Reagan, and I will be speaking at Texas State University. We’ll be chatting about Paravel‘s history (embarrassing screenshots guaranteed) as well as our current work with responsive web design.... Read note

Get Help With Hosting

Over the past few months we’ve been having problems with the Media Temple DV server that hosts sites like this blog, ShopTalk, and Paravel. With each new post or show, we’d inevitably experience a wave of... Read note

Earlier this week the responsive website for Microsoft’s 2012 Build Conference went live. Happily, our favorite honey badger, Nishant Kothary, enlisted Paravel to assist with design and the front-end responsive code. Check it out! Read note


If I could add a superpower to my web design skill-set, it wouldn’t be perma-inspiration or psychokinetic coding, but the ability to Vulcan mind meld clients. Read article

Reagan Ray’s Shop

Grab your wallets! Reagan just opened up the shop section of his website. He’s been designing & screen printing posters this spring, and two are available for purchase now. I’ve got both, but have to admit... Read note

Ideas of March 2012

Paravel got really busy from November thru January. I spent the majority of my time with my head down, focused on client work, deadlines, basecamp, and email. We were a part of some fun projects, but... Read note

Into the Woods

When I was in grade school, from the time I stepped off the bus in the afternoon ’til sunset, my neighborhood was my entire world, and the possibilities were limitless. I was part of a BMX... Read article

A New

Today, Paravel launched the new responsive website for Typofonderie. We had a great time with the challenges that arose from building a font-selling, ecommerce-driven, responsive web site. We took extra care to scale things like category... Read note


When you’re enjoying the Super Bowl this weekend, be sure to check out Last month, Paravel had the privilege of working with Twitter and Mass Relevance to build the responsive site. You can track TPM... Read note

United Pixelworkers + Paravel

Our pals at United Pixelworkers asked us to design a t-shirt to accompany the launch of their lovely new responsive site. Reagan came up with this design inspired by old union logos, and kindly let me... Read note


Gene Crawford from UnmatchedStyle asked Paravel to design a page for this year’s CSS Off competition. Over 5,000 front-end developers have entered to show off their skills by taking a PSD we designed and coding it... Read note

2011 .Net Magazine Awards

I was thrilled to find myself looped into a few nominations for this year’s .Net Magazine Awards. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with my Paravel cohorts, Dave & Reagan, as well... Read note


The #1 reason my wife and I travel? Food. Name any city we’ve been to and I can tell you my favorite meal from each. The fried oyster po’boy at Mother’s in New Orleans, squid ink... Read note

Converge SE 2011

I’ll be doing double duty this June at Converge SE, teaming up with my Paravel cohorts, Dave & Reagan, for a workshop called Designing with Type on Friday, and speaking about Controlling Web Typography on Saturday.... Read note

Fusion Ads

I’m happy to announce that today I’ve joined the Fusion Ads network. You’ll see Ad spots on single article and note post views in the left-hand margin of this site. Many thanks to Chris Bowler for... Read note


Mattt Thompson and Drew Yeaton from Gowalla along with Paravel’s very own Dave Rupert took the Dribbble API and made something great.  As a way to better know your Dribbblehood, lets you keep track of... Read note

I’ve always been impressed by how generous Reagan is with his time and talent. Over the past few months, he’s helped Dave and me beef up our own identities and personal projects, leaving his own site on... Read note

Goonies iPad Game

One thing I’ve revisited a number of times since we launched the latest installment of The Many Faces Of… for the Goonies is the Chutes and Ladders style iPad Game. Reagan designed it and Dave built... Read note