The #1 reason my wife and I travel? Food. Name any city we’ve been to and I can tell you my favorite meal from each. The fried oyster po’boy at Mother’s in New Orleans, squid ink pasta at Local 11ten in Savanna, and the diver scallops at the Roof Top Cafe in Key West made each destination worth the time and money it took to get there. But finding these places took effort. Maybe too much effort.

Carefully planning trips and restaurant destinations beforehand can work, but none of the restaurants I named were on our list until we started polling locals and wandering around. Locals know better than Yelp, Food TV, and even Google. That’s why I love Goodfoot.

A collaboration with Matt Thompson from Gowalla, Paravel’s first iPhone app, Goodfoot, sorts the most popular Gowalla spots (restaurants and otherwise) based on repeat user checkins, then displays them by walking, biking, or driving distance. Goodfoot happily relies upon the power of the Gowalla API, so be sure to remember to checkin when you’re at your favorite places.

Next time you’re headed on a trip, do yourself a favor and be sure you’ve got the app on your phone. After all, it’d be a shame to travel all those miles and find yourself stuck on the main drag or eating at a chain restaurant that can be found 5 blocks from your home. Travel well! Get on the Goodfoot!