Thank You, Texas State

Dave, Reagan, and I had a great time speaking at Texas State University yesterday. It was a privilege to see the School of Art & Design first hand and hear about their approach to teaching for the web. Sam Kapila, Grayson Lawrence, and other faculty members meet regularly throughout the year to discuss curriculum changes in order to keep up with the ever-changing state of the web. This enables them to add things like responsive web design to the lineup in a timely manner.

Think about it. Right now, students are learning about the multi-device web. They won’t have to unlearn fixed-width or desktop-centric ways of thinking. They’ll graduate with an accurate perception of what the web really is and the ability to build for it.

Paravel Sketches

To top things off, Henri Couvillion gave us his mugshot sketch notes (above), and get this—Sam and her students put together a responsive GIF thank you page (below).

thank you gifs