CSS Hyphenation

After reading this Fontdeck Blog post a few of weeks ago, I dropped an exciting new CSS property into the stylesheet for this blog. Wanting to test hyphenation on all my posts and pages, I applied CSS hyphenation to all paragraphs:

p {
-webkit-hyphens: auto;
-moz-hyphens: auto;
hyphens: auto;

During a day or so of road testing I noticed some pretty funky widows, so I fine-tuned my stylesheet to only target narrow columns, like the ones on my info page, which is a scenario where CSS hyphenation really comes in handy. Overall, I’m not sure what to think about fluid columns and widows—they’re bound to show up at varying widths. I try to avoid them at my defined max-width, but have plans to test the wp-Typography plugin in a responsive setting once we perform some server upgrades for the blog (taking our old Media Temple DV from php 4 to 5). I’ll be sure to report back when we get there.

Update (9/21/11): I’m happily using the wp-Typography plugin to prevent widows now that our servers have been upgraded. Things seem to be reflowing smoothly in my responsive layout. This plugin has loads of features, hyphenation, spacing control, character replacement, etc., that I’ll be experimenting with further soon.