trent walton

When I’m not thinking about farm fresh eggs or green chile cheese burgers, my mind is set on the future of the interweb.

I’m founder & 1/3 of Paravel, a small web shop based out of the Texas Hill Country, where the lake levels are constant and the chicken fried steaks are as big as your face. Dave Rupert, Reagan Ray, and I have been working together building for the web since 2002. If you're interested in working with us, browse our work and contact us.

This site is responsive—built with good ol’ HTML & CSS. It makes use of FitText, Lettering.js, as well as FitVids. The primary typeface used is FF Meta Serif Web Pro, though other fonts may show up thanks to the WP Art Direction plugin. You can find me elsewhere on the web: , Dribbble, Letterboxd, , and Rdio.