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Smashing Conf 2018

I just got back from attending & speaking at Smashing Conf 2018. I had a great time—the speakers were excellent, and the Smashing team is always so helpful and supportive. It was my first time speaking... Read note

The Newest New Typography

I love what Gerry Leonidas says in his Ampersand Conference talk (at about 29:30) about making better use of stuff like Markdown to create a more browser-centric set of tools. We use so many apps for... Read note

New Adventures 2012

I’ll never look at my 1 year old’s car seat the same way again. My wife and I lugged it (along with suitcases, diaper bags, and of course the kid himself) from airport terminal, to cab,... Read note

New Adventures Workshop

The time for New Adventures is nearly upon us! I’ve been building slides for my talk as well as prepping materials for my workshop on controlling web typography. The plan is to spend some time exploring... Read note

Brooklyn Beta 2011

I wish there were more conferences like Brooklyn Beta, or more accurately, I wish there were more conference organizers like Cameron Koczon and Chris Shiflett. I’d like to think I know how to be kind and... Read note

Converge SE 2011 Slides

My Paravel cohorts Dave, Reagan and I had a great time conferencing at Converge SE this summer. If you missed it or want a refresher you can check out the example site from our Designing With... Read note

Converge SE 2011

I’ll be doing double duty this June at Converge SE, teaming up with my Paravel cohorts, Dave & Reagan, for a workshop called Designing with Type on Friday, and speaking about Controlling Web Typography on Saturday.... Read note

SXSW 2011 Core Conversation

I’m excited to see that a SXSW Interactive panel I had a part in submitting has been scheduled as a core conversation called Collaboration Nation: How Side-Projects Can Keep You Relevant. This’ll all be going down... Read note

The New Adventures Paper

I met Simon Collison back in October at Brooklyn Beta. Shortly after, I got an email from him asking if I’d be interested in contributing to the newspaper he was having printed for attendees of the... Read note

Brooklyn Beta

Cameron Koczon, Chris Shiflett and the rest of the gang knocked it out of the park this year with their first Brooklyn Beta conference.  It was a privilege to be there with such a great group... Read note

SXSW Interactive 2011

Early in the Summer I had a series of conversations with Phil Coffman about side projects- how they’ve benefitted us, how to balance them, and how much fun they are.  Taking the initiative, Phil gathered a... Read note