Request Map Generator

I was reading Harry Roberts’ post, Identifying, Auditing, and Discussing Third Parties, and realized I hadn’t paid proper attention to the Request Map Generator built by Simon Hearne. It’s fantastic. request map
Request Map for

First off, having a visual “map” of requests is compelling even before you begin any analysis. While my site is relatively basic, something like Amazon can be complex, producing a sizable map.

Amazon website request map
Request Map for

You can dig into the map for further analysis (Harry’s post covers this well), and you can also export as a CSV, which I love because it’s another easy way to itemize third-parties for comparison, sorting, etc.

amazon request map in CSV
Request Map for exported as CSV

I don’t think we’ll be doing any performance or third-party consulting at Paravel without utilizing the Request Map Generator, especially now that it’s also included in the UI.