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Yellow Rose of Texas

My Heroes of Texas print went up for sale last week. It’s an 8-inch square letterpress print from our friends at Sanctuary Print Shop. Note that for logistical reasons they’re not currently shipping international orders. Sorry.

Country Fair Covers

A couple of years ago I came across this lovely mishmash of a website called fulltable. I’ll go there when I’ve got spare time and dig around the index of links until I find something interesting. This weekend… read more

I’ve always been impressed by how generous Reagan is with his time and talent. Over the past few months, he’s helped Dave and me beef up our own identities and personal projects, leaving his own site on the back… read more

Inception Movie Poster

After really enjoying Inception over the weekend, I thought I’d make a graphic featuring 3 of the totems that the main characters carry around to keep track of whether or not they’re dreaming. My initial Dribbble shot has… read more