Inception Movie Poster

After really enjoying Inception over the weekend, I thought I’d make a graphic featuring 3 of the totems that the main characters carry around to keep track of whether or not they’re dreaming. My initial Dribbble shot has evolved into this tribute poster. While I was at it, I threw together a few desktop wallpapers for kicks.

inception movie poster
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  • Christensen

    I would love a print of this! plz email me if its possible!

  • Ethan

    That is great! I should get prints of it... :p

  • Jason Melgoza

    Brilliant film + Great design = Win.

  • Josh Holloway

    Amazing work. I loved Inception.

    Any chance you could post different sizes of the background texture without the totems + text? Would be awesome to have for multi-monitor setups...

  • Zach

    DUDE!! Yes!

    I just saw it last night and then posted this poster on their site. HOLY POO! Strange things are afoot at the circle K dude!

  • Nav

    Digging the subtle maze in the background. Solid work.

  • fcb

    Awesome movie. The totems really are a good idea.

  • Liam D

    Hey, any chance of this as a wallpaper without the text? really liking the design, and wanting to use it for my media centre, but maybe sans-text? Great work, though!

  • Trent

    @Liam D: Sure, here ya go: Sans-Text Version

  • Ann

    I love this! Please make a print of it!

  • Graziano

    Amazing work, I really love it!!
    I would like to use a variation of that image for a workbook cover (obviously putting a reference to your site). Please email me if it’s possible, thanks a lot!

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