A New Paravel Venture

At Paravel, we love movies. We talk about them, quote them, and gather design inspiration from them. We’ve named our web servers Gozer & Zuul. One of our home page banners has us illustrated as the Three Amigos. We’re friends on Netflix and get into heated debates on which Cusack movie is the best. Recently, I had an idea to write a post on this blog about one of my favorite actors, Alan Rickman. He is the king of multi-dimensional bad guys. Shrewd, narcissistic and foul with a dash of adolescent whining to set it off. I wanted to draw comparisons between some of his best roles, dissecting recurring traits and highlighting the brilliant quirks.

When I approached Reagan to commission one of his stellar illustrations, all hell broke loose. All three of us started musing on other actors we could write about & what topics we could cover. It was immediately apparent that we didn’t have a blog post on our hands. We had an entire blog. Without further ado, I humbly and enthusiastically present: TheManyFacesOf.com

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  • Patrick Algrim

    Incredible. Love the illustrations. My favorite is the illustration placement on this page actually. Love how it just slightly bleeds over the edge. I love how we can trick our users with simple layout idea’s like that. They assume they know how it’s placed, then boom, we blow their mind!

  • Harry Ford

    I absolutely love ‘The Many Faces Of’ It is so much fun and I have told everybody about it including my old Nan who loves Alan Rickman ;). Look forward to more installments.

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