Fusion Ads

I’m happy to announce that today I’ve joined the Fusion Ads network. You’ll see Ad spots on single article and note post views in the left-hand margin of this site. Many thanks to Chris Bowler for bringing me on board. The network has a great lineup, and I’m thrilled to now be a part.

In similar news, Paravel’s very own ATX Web Show has also joined Fusion’s new podcast sponsorship network, kicking off this June. Thank you for supporting both sites by reading & listening.

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  • Dave Rupert

    This is a very AD-vantageous partnership.

  • Elliot Jay Stocks

    Welcome aboard, mate! It’s great to see you on the Fusion. They’re great guys and I’m sure you already feel incredibly well looked-after. Hats of to Chris and co. for what they do.

  • Trent

    @Elliot Jay Stocks: Hear hear! This is definitely some extra motivation to keep up with regular/frequent posts—especially in my notes section.

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