Converge SE 2011

I’ll be doing double duty this June at Converge SE, teaming up with my Paravel cohorts, Dave & Reagan, for a workshop called Designing with Type on Friday, and speaking about Controlling Web Typography on Saturday. The plan will be to cover a lot of ground from the practical to the progressive on each day, with a focus on how you can make the most out of designing with type on the web.

We’d love your feedback—if there’s anything you’d like us to dig into specifically during the workshop, comment & let us know.

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  • Craig Anthony

    Looking forward to it Trent. Several of us from the office are making the short trip from Charleston, SC to Columbia, SC.

    So here is my concern / question:

    Typekit offers a wide array of fonts that I don’t have installed on my machine. Recently I decided that Adelle Web would be a great font to use for a particular client (a font a don’t own). In order to build screens in Photoshop, I would used Typekit’s Type Tester to type out a headline. Then I’d use Firebug to change the color of the type. Then I’d screen grab and bring into Photoshop. Then I’d have to use channels or multiply in order to remove the white background behind the type.

    I’m sure there is a better method. Care to shed any light on the topic?

    It would be great if Typekit (or anyone for that matter) included some sort of export tool. A tool that would allow you to style the type (color, shadows, etc) and then export it in a format that could be brought into Photoshop.


  • Trent

    @Craig Anthony: Excellent question! We’ll be sure to add this as well as build in a solid chunk of Q&A / discussion time. In the short term, I’ve done exactly what you’ve described above as well as design in the browser on localhost and drop a screenshot into Photoshop.

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