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The Manual, Everywhere

One of my favorite experiences in recent years was writing for The Manual, Issue 2. I’m thrilled to see them back with a new logo (done by Brent Couchman of Moniker), a web edition, and a... Read note

MaKey MaKey

I haven’t been this excited about a Kickstarter project in months. As we spend more and more time on touch interfaces, it’s refreshing to see something that turns just about any physical object into a button.... Read note

Vernacular Typography

I just backed this project on Kickstarter and think you should too. is a source of endless inspiration and does valuable work in documenting and preserving great examples of regional typography & signage. Read note

Wood Type Revival

I eagerly backed this Kickstarter project from Matt Griffin and Matt Braun a few months back and was thrilled to see that funding was successful. They’ve been hard at work, providing updates on acquisitions and process... Read note