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Site Updates

I finally updated the site with a handful of changes I’ve been fiddling with over the past few months. It’s one of those complete overhauls that really don’t look much different at a glance, but it feels good… read more

Gigawatt: Paravel’s Obox WordPress Theme

David Perel from Obox asked us to design a video & photo WordPress theme a few months back, and now it’s live! Reagan and I went with a simple, type-centric layout in 3 color schemes (dark, beige and… read more


Don’t Make Me Wait

Page speed and load times are the foundation for a positive user experience on the web. Let’s face it, if your page fails to load in time, all the effort put towards information architecture, content strategy and interaction design… read more

CSS3 Multi-Column Layout & Column-Count

I use the column-count & column-gap property on the search page of this site to break my Tags list into 4 columns.  Because the content is dynamic, I couldn’t just hard code each column, and I didn’t want… read more

Dave Rupert’s WP Dribbble

I love Dribbble. In addition to being continually inspired and challenged by the caliber of the pixel-shots, I’ve made quite a few new friends through this great online community. When Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett took dribbble public,… read more


A Fresh Coat of Paint

Update: Surprise—This post is now outdated & is about a previous version of this site. To learn more about what I’ve got cooking now, click here. It may not look like it, but this version is a complete… read more