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Letterboxd is easily one of my favorite sites. I started logging movies in 2013, and began using it to find movies to watch shortly after. The community is great, and its reviews rarely (or never) reach Amazon Watch… read more

Get Me Back To Austin

Right now there’s a for-sale sign outside the house my wife and I spent the first 10 years of our marriage buying land for, building, and inhabiting. I never thought we’d leave Horseshoe Bay—it’s been idyllic to me… read more

Formula 1, Take My Money

I’m a major Formula 1 fan. I have Seat Licenses for the USGP at COTA, I listen to F1 podcasts (even in the off season), and my weekends revolve around practices, qualifying & races. But I have a… read more

Ghostbusters on the Big Screen

I saw Ghostbusters on the big screen for the first time this weekend. The larger scale made it easier to look past the foreground and appreciate some of the more subtle things happening off to the side. First,… read more

The Manual, Everywhere

One of my favorite experiences in recent years was writing for The Manual, Issue 2. I’m thrilled to see them back with a new logo (done by Brent Couchman of Moniker), a web edition, and a Kickstarter campaign… read more


I’m loving the work Andy Helms did in conjunction with the gang at Cartoon Hangover. Meet SpaceBear!