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Impossible Foods’ Meat-Free Burger

I love burgers, but wasn’t fully-aware of beef’s tax on our climate/environment. As Pat O. Brown, CEO and founder of Impossible Foods, states: If you eat a quarter-pound impossible burger instead of a quarter-pound burger made from a… read more


You Are What You Eat

The work you take on can define you—it’s what you practice, what you get recognized for, and what you’ll be hired to do next. I recently had a nice sum up the year chat with Frank Chimero. We talked… read more


I Love Oatmeal

Nature’s Greatest Grain I never liked the sloppy, bland look of oatmeal as a kid. Having adults hype it to me as a heart-healthy food “that’ll keep you regular” didn’t make me want to try it any more.  A… read more