New Adventures 2012

I’ll never look at my 1 year old’s car seat the same way again. My wife and I lugged it (along with suitcases, diaper bags, and of course the kid himself) from airport terminal, to cab, to train station, to our hotel in Nottingham to be at New Adventures Conference this year. But without a doubt, those hours of travel were more than worth it. It’s amazing how irritability and exhaustion fade away when you find yourself surrounded by people who do what you do, who love what you love. New Adventures Conference was many things for me, but most of all I found it nourishing.

It’s what happens when conference organizers look beyond logistics and put love into every component. Simon & Greg’s careful consideration & ordering of speaker topics combined with their overwhelming hospitality set a great tone that seemed to be amplified by all who partook in the week’s activities. On a personal note, I loved introducing my wife and son to industry comrades and dear friends. Seeing little Henry passed around Simon’s house was pure magic. So was watching him flirt with Aymie, Denise, and Naomi. I’ll be sure to have a sit-down with him about not laying it on too thick one of these days.

Along with speaking, I had the privilege of guiding a workshop. We looked into the basics of setting type (responsively), some of my favorite CSS properties for type, and of course Lettering.js and FitText. During the last hour of the workshop, participants were let loose to build their own stuff. I provided a handful of screenshots from The Movie Title Stills Collection, curated lovingly by Christian Annyas, and challenged everyone to recreate them with HTML, CSS, and Lettering.js. I was amazed to see what people came up with. Here are some samples of their work. I’ll be updating this post as more come in. Also, I’ll post links to video & slides from my talk as they make their way online.

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  • Tjobbe

    Trent, pleasure meeting you and learning from yourself in your workshop! Your talk was most enjoyable too.

    I’ll be sure to email you my movie title still when I’ve finished it too! Thank you!

  • Chris Krycho

    So, here’s an interesting thing I’ve been pondering (that I can’t see any way around): we have responsive design in our pages, but when we drop images in a blog post like this one, the result in an RSS feed is often less than optimal. In this case, for example, these images came through huge in my feed. I didn’t mind so much, seeing as the images were great - but I can see how it might be a problem. Obviously, this is a limitation of the feed definitions, but it’s one I’m wondering about.

    A couple thoughts: First, we can carefully decide the size of the images if they’re simply illustrative and don’t need to be particularly large. Second, if we’re trying to present much larger images, we can provide thumbnails with links. (In this post, for example, the images are just that anyway.) As a further bonus, both of these approaches also lend to faster page loads.

    That said, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the issue of image sizes in feeds.

  • Jamie Brightmore

    Hey Trent,

    I have a great deal of admiration and respect for you, your team, and your working practices, so it was a real pleasure meeting you briefly just before your highly inspiring talk.

    I always love hearing the story behind the person direct from the horses mouth. Your intro was entertaining and insightful.

    Really glad you and your family enjoyed the naconf experience and your trip to the UK. I checked out some of your Instagrams – looks like you crammed-in a fair amount of sightseeing! : )

    Thanks again.

  • Michael R. Lorek

    Trent, is was great meeting you and having had a chat on font vs character-land. Yep, as I thought it is is still wild wild west out there beyond the ASCII border. I will need to dig through it to get standards on the screen and in search.
    Hope you and your family had also a great time in London (Thames & Greenwich).

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