New Adventures Workshop

The time for New Adventures is nearly upon us! I’ve been building slides for my talk as well as prepping materials for my workshop on controlling web typography. The plan is to spend some time exploring the finer points of using web fonts and setting type on the web, then experiment with newer CSS properties and Lettering.js. Throughout the workshop, we’ll discuss fluid content and responsive web design as it applies to our typographic explorations, which I’m particularly chuffed about. Chuffed? Did I use that word correctly?

controlling web typography

For those planning to attend, please feel free to comment below with anything in particular you’d like to cover. There’ll be plenty of resources at your disposal as well as time for discussion and collaboration. Also, please bring your computer and be ready to do some light coding. See you in just over a week!

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  • Brad Dunzer

    Trent are you going to be giving this talk in the States anytime this year?

  • Trent

    @Brad Dunzer: No specific plans at the moment, but that could perhaps change, especially with the workshop content.

  • Jon Heslop

    Perfect use of the word chuffed.

    See you in a few weeks :D

  • Trent

    @Jon Heslop: Yes! And coming from the guy I learned it from!

  • Petra Gregorova

    You definitely should do it in US. If you fancy coming to Portland, you wouldn’t have to worry about a venue expense, so that could be something worth considering. ;)

  • Daniel

    I would love to attend but it’s too far for me.
    Have you thought about doing a similar workshop in Tokyo?

  • Cian Leonard

    Where is this on?

    Would love if there was proper stuff like this regularly in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Katherine

    Hi Trent, I’m attending your workshop and I’ve always been interested in learning more about the baseline and rhythm of typography on the web. I’m not sure if you’re already planning on covering this, or have time too? Thanks!

  • itsdavidhughes

    Can’t wait for this, Trent.

    Looks like you’ve put a great amount of effort into it. Nice to see.

  • Trent

    @Katherine: We are! I’ll be sure to make sure we’ve got plenty of resources and time for discussion there. Thanks!
    @itsdavidhughes: Thanks! :)

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