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What I’m Thankful For

Extraordinary days can be joyous and they can be devastating, but rarely are they both at the same time. That’s the thing that makes organ transplants so profound. While recipients and their loved ones rejoice at the gift… read more


Zombie Designers

Urgent Notice The D.P.D.Z. is issuing this public notice to all designers in regards to a recent outbreak of designer zombieism. While exact causes have yet to be determined, all are advised to exercise caution when spending extensive… read more


CSS Three & Me

The greatest feeling for me as a kid was looking into a mixed box of Legos After prying open the stuck-on lid to see where imagination could go: A green army base with a red laser beam or a medieval castle for my… read more


My cat will f*©k you up.

Nature always wins & the bums will always lose. My wife and I lived in both Austin and the Houston area during the first few years of our marriage. With hopes of ending the youthful, transient phase of our… read more