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Wood Type Revival: Grecian Light Face

The fine folks over at Wood Type Revival asked me to design some specimens for their latest release, Grecian Light Face. After experimenting with a few different directions, I went with some of my favorite song lyrics over… read more

Web Fonts I Look Forward To Using

The present & future of web fonts is looking awfully bright. Quality and Quantity are increasing, though there are still a few fonts I have to pass over when designing for the web. While I don’t know if… read more


Making It Personal

Trophy Barbershop is a magical place—with wild game stuffed and mounted on the walls, leopard skin chairs, and scrappy old tattooed barbers slinging shears. It was the place in Baytown, TX, to get your standard-issue bowl haircut when I… read more


You Are What You Eat

The work you take on can define you—it’s what you practice, what you get recognized for, and what you’ll be hired to do next. I recently had a nice sum up the year chat with Frank Chimero. We talked… read more


Lost World’s Fairs

IE9 public beta is here, and I’ve had the fair fortune to be recruited by The Friends of Mighty to showcase its support for the Web Open Font Format (WOFF). A while back, Jason Santa Maria called to… read more

Typekit, @font-face & This Site

Since launching and outlining the process for the latest version of this site, I’ve had a bit of a type adventure going on.  After fielding a variety of questions on the subject, I thought it’d be helpful to… read more