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Converge SE 2011 Slides

My Paravel cohorts Dave, Reagan and I had a great time conferencing at Converge SE this summer. If you missed it or want a refresher you can check out the example site from our Designing With Web Type… read more


Fit To Scale

My site is now responsive. The more I work with flexible images & grids and media queries, the more I appreciate what can be achieved. Any apprehension I may have had about whether or not a responsive approach… read more


Making It Personal

Trophy Barbershop is a magical place—with wild game stuffed and mounted on the walls, leopard skin chairs, and scrappy old tattooed barbers slinging shears. It was the place in Baytown, TX, to get your standard-issue bowl haircut when I… read more


You Are What You Eat

The work you take on can define you—it’s what you practice, what you get recognized for, and what you’ll be hired to do next. I recently had a nice sum up the year chat with Frank Chimero. We talked… read more


Controlling Web Typography

Lettering.js was built to solve a problem. As web typography improves, web designers want the same level of control print designers have. Just as we’ve moved beyond Helvetica and Times New Roman, we’ve begun to think about web… read more

Lettering.js & Twitter’s Year in Review

We were thrilled at the Paravel office to see such a great use of Lettering.js on Twitter’s 2010: Year In Review site- specifically on the headline for The 10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010.  Josh Brewer, and the… read more