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10K Apart: The Responsive Edition

This year at Microsoft’s SXSW IE9 release party, I finally got the chance to meet Nishant Kothary. I was happy to have the opportunity to convey how appreciative I was of his role in making Lost World’s Fairs… read more


Content Choreography

The concept of permanently placing content on a web page for a single browsing width or resolution is becoming a thing of the past. Media-queried responsive & adaptive sites afford us the ability to re-architect content on a page… read more

Converge SE 2011 Slides

My Paravel cohorts Dave, Reagan and I had a great time conferencing at Converge SE this summer. If you missed it or want a refresher you can check out the example site from our Designing With Web Type… read more


Fit To Scale

My site is now responsive. The more I work with flexible images & grids and media queries, the more I appreciate what can be achieved. Any apprehension I may have had about whether or not a responsive approach… read more