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DesignSwap Is Now Open To Everyone

I met Yaron Schoen at SXSW in 2010— where we came up with the idea for DesignSwap. After launching the site with our own swap last year, and seeing a couple more great ones follow, we realized we… read more

Team Paravel

Team Paravel

I love being one-third of Paravel. I don’t know how other web shops work, but I do know that I like how we roll. It’s taken some hard work to build the team as well as the company, but… read more

CSS3 Border-Radius & Rounded Avatars

Originally when I CSSed the round avatars on the DesignSwap comments area, I used the -webkit-mask-image property. I was really proud of how neat and effective this was until I realized you could apply border-radius to an image… read more

Kyle Steed & 52 Profiles

While Yaron Schoen and I were in the early planning stages of DesignSwap, we realized that we’d need something really special to showcase the designer profiles for each swap. Our immediate thought was to get in touch with… read more


Invasion From A Different Website

I Mean No Harm Hopefully this post will not create the same response as when Orson Wells narrated the War of the Worlds on the radio. I don’t want anyone jumping out of any windows or anything. Please, no… read more