Don’t Make Me Wait

Page speed and load times are the foundation for a positive user experience on the web. Let’s face it, if your page fails to load in time, all the effort put towards information architecture, content more

Non Hover

“Elements that rely only on mousemove, mouseover, mouseout or the CSS pseudo-class :hover may not always behave as expected on a touch-screen device such as iPad or iPhone.” A few days after Steve Jobs announced more

Trimming The Fat

The last version of this site lasted just under a year. That may seem like a short amount of time until you consider how quickly things change on the web. @font-face usage has been fortified more

The Many Faces Of…

A New Paravel Venture At Paravel, we love movies. We talk about them, quote them, and gather design inspiration from them. We’ve named our web servers Gozer & Zuul. One of our home page banners more

CSS3 In Transition

Uncharted Territory With the addition of the CSS3 transition property comes a lot of uncharted territory. Never before has it been so easy to bring animation into a usable, standards-based browsing environment. Determining how often more

Position Absolute

Put on your critical thinking caps… In web design there are very few absolutes. There are multiple ways to markup pages, limitless directions a design can take and no single right or wrong way to more


Multi-touch will change everything For years, web designers have been working within a firmly established jig. Books have been published, studies have been conducted and businesses have been built on a handful of fundamental interface more

Divided Attention

Browsing Habits Part of user-experience design is considering how elements on a web page compete for attention. We spend so much time prioritizing the prominence of items within a page while making little consideration for more

I Love Oatmeal

Nature’s Greatest Grain I never liked the sloppy, bland look of oatmeal as a kid. Having adults hype it to me as a heart-healthy food “that’ll keep you regular” didn’t make me want to try more

CMS Breakdown

The CMS Cycle So, an organization spends tens of thousands of dollars to build a website upon a full-access Content Management System (CMS) platform. Over the coming months every department head is issued an administrative login, more

What I’m Thankful For

Extraordinary days can be joyous and they can be devastating, but rarely are they both at the same time. That’s the thing that makes organ transplants so profound. While recipients and their loved ones rejoice more