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United Pixelworkers + Paravel

Our pals at United Pixelworkers asked us to design a t-shirt to accompany the launch of their lovely new responsive site. Reagan came up with this design inspired by old union logos, and kindly let me slap some… read more

Gigawatt: Paravel’s Obox WordPress Theme

David Perel from Obox asked us to design a video & photo WordPress theme a few months back, and now it’s live! Reagan and I went with a simple, type-centric layout in 3 color schemes (dark, beige and… read more

Paravel iPhone Wallpaper

I just finished a pair of Paravel iPhone wallpapers to freshen up the ol’ home screen. Click on either image to download.

Team Paravel

Team Paravel

I love being one-third of Paravel. I don’t know how other web shops work, but I do know that I like how we roll. It’s taken some hard work to build the team as well as the company, but… read more

Paravel in .Net Magazine’s Top 25 Design Agencies

We were fairly surprised and even more excited to see that Paravel was nominated for a Net Award for Design Agency of the Year along with 24 other excellent teams.  I’d like to extend a big thank you… read more


Atomic Classification

I think of modular design as a practice or a philosophy—with Atomic Design being just one way to do it. I’ve found that I’m able to benefit from Atomic Design concepts without always adopting its classification metaphor. A couple of… read more