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The Boring Designer

I highly recommend reading Cap Watkins’s post, The Boring Designer. Here are a couple of my favorite bits:  The boring designer realizes that the glory isn’t in putting their personal stamp on everything they touch. In fact, most of… read more

Kosse: My Mix For Designers.MX

Blake Allen and Josh Sullivan contacted me last week, and invited me to make a mix for their new site. After perusing some of the other great mixes, I opted to go for an old-school country mix. If… read more

DesignSwap Is Now Open To Everyone

I met Yaron Schoen at SXSW in 2010— where we came up with the idea for DesignSwap. After launching the site with our own swap last year, and seeing a couple more great ones follow, we realized we… read more

Paravel in .Net Magazine’s Top 25 Design Agencies

We were fairly surprised and even more excited to see that Paravel was nominated for a Net Award for Design Agency of the Year along with 24 other excellent teams.  I’d like to extend a big thank you… read more


Zombie Designers

Urgent Notice The D.P.D.Z. is issuing this public notice to all designers in regards to a recent outbreak of designer zombieism. While exact causes have yet to be determined, all are advised to exercise caution when spending extensive… read more

Design Features

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate & enjoy seeing the latest version of this site mentioned, referenced or showcased online. Recently, this site has been featured at: Best Web Gallery, Web Creme, Web Designer Wall,… read more