InstagramFor the past week or so, I’ve been sharing photos and tapping my way around this new iPhone app called Instagram. It lets you take photos in a square Polaroid format and pass them through a series of throwback filters before sharing. To me, where it stands apart is on the social side of things. Being able to comment, like and even just see the photos your friends take makes it unique, and when paired with seamless integration for flickr, twitter, facebook, tumblr and foursquare, I think this app will be well-loved.

In the future I’d love to be able to comment & like photos from outside my iPhone. I’ve also noticed that the pull to refresh iphone gesture has now been ingrained in my multi-touch skill-set, so that would be nice as well. You can download Instagram for free at the App Store.

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  • Scott Nelle

    I’m right there with you; I’d love for the social features to be extended to the website so I can discover new people and review my own photos from the comfort of a browser. It seems difficult to find and connect with people via the app and I’m not sure if that’s a UI problem or an issue that I have with making new connections from a mobile device.

  • Chris

    Trent, I second that request of being able to connect outside the app as well. I would also like the option to see all ones own likes for instance. But the app is definitely addicting. Follow? Username: wandstromfilter

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