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I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate & enjoy seeing the latest version of this site mentioned, referenced or showcased online. Recently, this site has been featured at: Best Web Gallery, Web Creme, Web Designer Wall, Smashing Magazine, The CSS Awards, Site Inspire, Minimal Sites,  WeLoveWP, Design Shack, WordPress All, We Love CSS, CSS-Website, CSS Beauty, Design Bombs, SpeckyBoy, The Design Inspiration, CSS Built and Siiimple.

Thanks for making room for interweb riffraff like me in all your gorgeous galleries of web design goodness.

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  • josée

    I happened across your site through Best Web Gallery and I LOVE it. The bold imagery, combined with the clean typography and layout creates the kind of visual tension that I find successful because it’s striking without being overwhelming. Makes me want to see more. As an ex creative director I felt compelled to comment. Old habits die hard.

  • Kuan

    Great design. I love it. Yea I mean the great contrast of the two color, black and white. Thanks.

  • Gary Aston

    Trent — your website is stunning.

    I wonder if I could ask — how, in WordPress, do you get you latest entry to show as your homepage?

    Keep up the good work,


  • wenzhentao

    I love the magic of WordPress design. Hehe

  • PomCompot


    You’re blog is really splendid, and I look at your other creations with some real pleasure. Can you tell me how did you achieve to make each post CSS and title appearance different in WordPress?


  • Trent

    @PomCompot: Sure! Check out the WordPress Art Direction Plugin.

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